Marianne Werefkin (Russian/Swiss, 1860 – 1938) - The Red Tree (Der rote Baum), 1910

Kunsthaus Zürich, Swithzerland

We’re finally leaving for a two week road trip today.

Expect pictures of America, random tallies of road things, etc…!

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Pumpkin posts are encouraged if they have that guy on them. I could watch that all day. 


Celebrate National Dance Day with the ultimate dance franchise, Step Up! #StepUpALLin hits theaters 8/8!


Tyrannosaur ‘gangs’ terrorized ancient landscape
While most researchers believe the predators were lone wolves, so to speak, multiple fossil specimens have been found in a single bone bed.

This is the movie I want to see!


As a veterinarian who specializes in behavioral medicine, Dr. Vint Virga has treated many household pets in his clinic. But for the past five years he has been working mostly with leopards, wolves, bears, zebras and other animals living in zoos and wildlife parks. He deals with such issues as appetites, anxiety and obsessive behavior.

In the interview he discusses how zoos have changed to improve the animals’ well being:

"I think the most important things that zoos have done in the past 10, 20 years, is that they [have] focused primarily on the animal’s well-being. And, depending on their feedback and responses, looked at their behavior, looked at their overall happiness and contentment and used that as the gauge for what to do for the animal.

They’ve also applied as much [as] science knows about the animals in nature. What that looks like is providing them with a space that’s a lot more rich and full than just a place that is an exhibit. So it’s really shifting from not a cage, because most zoos don’t even have those anymore, but from an exhibit to a habitat. The environment is much richer and more complex rather than flat and uniform, so that we can see them.

[Zoos are] providing [animals with] opportunities to escape from view of the public — and that can be difficult for a zoo. … Visitors complain to the zoo if they can’t see the leopard, the bear or the lion. But on the other hand, if the lion doesn’t have any choice of getting away from the public at times, particularly if there [are] crowds or noisy visitors, then we’re taking away their sense of control over their environment.”

"Perhaps the story you finish is never the one you begin."

- Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children (via likeafieldmouse)


really feeling this one right now

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Enterprise Down.
More Star Trek.


What do you mean, “virgin sacrifice?”

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